Ok 2021, Don’t fail us now 😬

First things first, Happy 2020 Is FINALLY Over!!!!

I’m still over here in disbelief trying to figure out where the past year went... Oh! That’s right! Down the flipping drain! 🤦‍♀️ She was mean. She was brutal. And she’s gone!!!

Let’s just hope her successor is a tiny bit less foreboding. The last few weeks have been far from easy, dealing with some health stuff, not feeling like my normal self, and being forced to cut back on my normal routine. I also think that “winter blues” comes in to play for a lot of us right about now, not being able to grow things or see the fruits of your labor (ie egg production down).

But this morning it felt good to admire the bowl of fresh eggs, clean them up and get them ready for pickup.

Times may be strange right now, I know my “normal” is surely being challenged, but little things like a beautiful dozen of eggs carefully arranged and packaged made me smile this morning and made me look forward to warmer days. 🤍

All I want to do right now is sit in the garden and plan my “I have HUGE plans for my the garden” plantings, But then when I get out there I get “planters block” (?). I end up piddling through my bags of optimistic little seed packages in a fog and planning goes out the window. 🤦‍♀️ And so starts my search for a garden planner...

Do you have a favorite? If so, please let me know, as my little foggy brain is very much in need of something visual and straight forward in order to get things going.

Today is short and sweet, and there’s simply never enough hours in the day. So, Happy Sunday.

Cheers to a new year.

One full of new beginnings, positive challenges, acquiring your goals, and a year filled with simple goodness. 🐓

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