Long time, no post 😫

Cue the “I’m a horrible blogger” feelings... 🤦‍♀️ But ya know what, it’s still 2020 and ya know what, life happens 🤷‍♀️😉 And part of growing is getting back on the horse and move forward.

So here we go...

Time for a little game of 🏓 “Did You know?”🏸

Did you know that chickens naturally take a break from laying eggs in the colder months when daylight hours are fewer?

It’s true.

This is the time of year that chickens who are adults go through a process called molting, where they lose old feathers and instead of their bodies putting energy in to producing eggs, their bodies focus on regrowing new healthy feathers.

Chickens also need on average 14-16 hours of sunlight to lay eggs. So during these cold, damp, freaking freezing 🥶days when all we do is dream of the blistering heat of a Southern Summer (until it finally gets here, then most of us are proclaiming how we are living in the depths of hades and would kill for a cool autumnal breeze 🍂), the feathered girls out there are taking a little Winter Break! 😴

Now. There are some ”chicken life hacks” where you can supplement light in their coop to keep them laying year round, but in my opinion.... these girls deserve a damn break! They work hard laying these eggs that we are lucky enough to get to enjoy! So take a break, ladies!!! 🙌🏻

I am also a firm believer that happy chickens lay happy (better) eggs, so I want my girls to be as peachy keen, tickled pink, happy as a pig in 💩!

Another “did you know” moment...

Chickens are born with all the eggs they’ll ever lay already inside them at birth. Just like humans.

So, when we make them lay year round, we are inevitably shortening their laying years.

Now, this may make me a bad homesteader, but I, personally, am not going to thin my flock out (see also “cull” 😞) due to them not laying anymore. So I want my girls to do what comes to them naturally, and very happily. 🐓🖤

My girls were lucky enough in our first season together to gain quite the fan club of their *perfect* eggs! Once we got in the swing of things, it was the highlight of my week to find a new color egg from a new hen laying for the first time! Or as we added more hens who were already laying, we were getting up to 5-6 eggs a day! And let me tell you, that euphoric Christmas-like feeling of finding eggs when you check the nesting boxes....

NEVER goes away!!!!🥚

It is now the end of December and we are in a 2 month lull of eggs. Every day my girls egg fans ask if we have any, and every day I have to sadly respond “my girls are on winter break, but just wait until Spring! I’m gonna be ROLLING in eggs!”

And then tonight, a miracle occurred in The Barn Coop...

TWO EGGS!!!!!!!!!

They were like ice cubes, but holy moly! I’m pretty sure half of Greenville heard me squeal! 🐷

How, you ask?

Not a damn clue. But I’m gonna chalk it up to adding more protein in to their diet this week! (This is another one of those chicken life hacks that some say will help jumpstart a chicken laying again).

So I’m going to end this day a happy little chicken farmer girl with 2 beautiful ice cubes in the shape of eggs that will become a healthy little breakfast in the A.M.

Happy Sunday, friends.

Live Truly. Simply. 🤍

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